By Vernalee
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday Report, the analysts are dealing with a troubling issue. U.S. firms added more employees than predicted, but the workers are less productive; some, totally inefficient. I wonder why! Let’s take a stroll though your office to find out! I see several workers shopping on the Internet; others on the phone gossiping (Hey girl!); a few taking wagers and bets for the upcoming game; a co-worker speed walking down the hall as she loudly shares her personal business (I know what happened at her house last night.); a marginal staffer arguing about who doesn’t work and how much she hates her job; and let me not forget the one who was sleeping at his desk. Zzz! We have the premiere view of those hardly working versus the covenant group who are working hard! Did I mention that three hour lunches are vogue? No matter what, Friday is pay day and all are headed to the bank with no thoughts of the work that they didn’t do! How’s that for redemption of mediocre productivity? No kidding! Where are the bosses? I am glad you asked! They are exercising their leadership authority by being on the golf course or working at home…supposedly. What is this lack of leadership leading to..? Don’t ask me! I am calling off sick tomorrow! I’m not paid to provide answers to difficult questions!
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