By Vernalee
marketing pilgrim
Greetings! What did you do on New Year’s Eve? Some folks attended Night Watch church services; some stayed home, others traveled; some attended parties and celebrations. Wherever you sang “Auld Lang Syne” and wherever you were to bring in the New Year, it’s 2015! You have been blessed to see another day of life; a brand new year! As is the case for most of us, we have every intention of starting the new year off right! Yes sir! We desire making constructive changes in our lives. Let’s see, before I forget….. Here comes a list of resolutions. There are things that we wish to stop; to start; to finish; to change; to continue; to do! How many of our varied resolutions will be accomplished and how many, unfulfilled are yet to be seen. For sure, one day of improvements is better than none. Besides, who’s monitoring? I for one am not here to calculate adherence of anyone’s goals. I have enough trouble trying to stay on track with my own! In closing, I take this time to wish those in my reading audience a healthy, prosperous, and successful New Year! Thank you for your loyal following of my blog, “Stuff We Talk About!” I am looking forward to our continued association. We have so much “stuff” to talk about in 2015!
Happy New Year!
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