By Vernalee
In case you forgot Sweetheart … Love is in the air … today!
Let me give you a historical reason – why!
October 8, 1921 was the first Sweetest Day … and it was celebrated in Cleveland, Ohio. Yippee! I had never heard of Sweetest Day growing up in Mississippi. Here’s why. It was nonexistent in the South … and it still is! However, 94 years since its inception by confectioners, Sweetest Day is a holiday celebrated in 11 states (and portions of 2 others) on the third Saturday of October. Celebrated in primarily the mid – west states, it is a day , just like Valentine’s Day to bestow romantic deeds and expressions. Now that you know the history, how will you be celebrating Sweetest Day with your sweetie? As always, I ask too many questions; I went too far … again! Excuse my intrusion. Still, if you want to tell, I am all ears, but today you can spare me the explicit details! But please don’t spare your romantic expressions to your sweetie if you want to remain sweet in his or her life!
Happy Sweetest Day!