By Vernalee
We go to church for prayer, peace, comfort, love, solace, and to worship the Lord. Last night, so too did nine people, all Black – ranging in age from 26 to 87 years. Unfortunately, they lost their lives at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina being killed by 21 year old Dylann Roof because of his racial prejudices. From the days of slavery, Black people have always found peace in church. It was the place that they could be and feel free! Because of its specialness, the Black church has historically been a target. In my hometown of Glen Allan, Mississippi in the 1960’s, one of our churches was burned down to the ground. Another had a burning cross thrown on the church grounds courtesy of the Ku Klux Klan. All of us remember the little children who were killed in a church in Birmingham, Alabama. It begs to ask, “Will hate crime ever end?” I know not the answer. None of us do … as our hearts bleed for nine innocent people who were gunned down at bible study. We do know that Our Heavenly Father created and loves all of his people no matter what color our skin bears. Nine lives lost in a senseless hate crime shooting is not the kind of “stuff that we wish to talk about!”
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