By Vernalee
Why is he acting like this? Man-oh-man!
The Whiner – always complaining about something – just like a _____. (Profanity not allowed).
The Jealous hearted – pretends that he wants you to accomplish greatness, but he really doesn’t want you to have more than him.
The Copy Cat – whatever you do, he wants to do too.
The “was gonna do” guy – is always about to do something for you, but it never happens.
The Substituter – His problem is always just as big as yours. You can’t even have an issue without him having one. You can never cry along, because he sniffs louder than you. Give him a Kleenex.
“In denial” – will never own up to his problems and genuinely thinks he has successfully pulled the wool over your eyes so that you cannot see who he really is.
The non-pleasers – The impotent ones land here. Why hide behind what she already knows? Work on the issue together. That is what couples who love each other do. Otherwise, you are selfishly ignoring your mate’s needs.
The great pretender – looking the other way is his skill. That way, he can pretend that he didn’t know you had a problem.
Your house, not his – What is he hiding … besides you?
The family man – Oops, this only refers to his family, not yours!
The Reminder – reminds you of everything that he has ever done for you. Here he goes with his A – Z list. Zzzz!
Here’s the good part. If you start behaving like him, he’ll think that you are acting entirely selfish! Imagine that! There’s more! The list goes on … There simply isn’t enough space. Hopefully, ladies … there isn’t enough room for him in your life! You decide.
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