By Vernalee
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All of you have probably seen or been confronted on the streets by individuals asking for money and assistance. What do you do when they ask? Do you give, ignore, or pretend that they are not there? Generally, if it is in a safe environment, I try to give. One day recently at McDonald’s, I saw a guy soliciting help who was an old family friend. OMG! My heart started to bleed! I gave him the $10.00 that I had. He had fallen on hard times. Life happens; bad circumstances can befall anyone! I remember on another occasion, I was riding with a friend and a gentleman had a sign that read, “I need food.” Of course, I was touched, but my friend said. “ We aren’t giving any money!” Instead, he drove to a nearby fast food restaurant and brought back a sandwich and gave it to the gentleman. There is no easy answer. There is also an element of danger when you let your car window down. Safety and good judgment always come first. What path do you take? The saving grace is compassion. When your heart urges and tells you to help, you are rightfully looking at the need; not the person. It is the right view to have. Maybe, your assistance can be a charitable donation. Perhaps, you may desire to volunteer your resources and time to a homeless group, a food bank organization, or your church. As Matthew 25:40 says “… Whatever you did for the least …. you did for me.”
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