By Vernalee
for whom
Monday morning quarterbacks provide commentaries the day after the game. They are experts and after the facts critics. Some of these so called quarterbacks spread their wings and analyze life situations. They are the first to tell you what you did wrong. I am sure that you know a few! Hindsight gives us all 20 / 20 vision. Afterwards, all that went wrong and what you would do contrariwise are evident when the past is staring you in the face! Analytically, that’s great. However, one should never underestimate the people who are playing the game or in a life predicament when decisions have to made. For them, there is no watching the game’s playbacks, looking backwards, or retracing steps. It’s using their best judgment at that particular time in the heat of the moment to make the right “call” / decision. Making a decision when you are in the line of fire is vastly different from making a decision using after the fact assessments. Though not a sports analyst, I do however give more credit to the quarterback who actually played the game! At least, he made a decision; he threw the ball, ran or was sacked! I prefer the people who make the plays as opposed to those who say what they would have done! Action speaks louder than words. “Woulda, shoulda, coulda” folks are talkers not doers. It’s easy to tell people what they should have done. It’s harder sometimes to do what you tell others. Advice comes cheap. Hypocrites circulate randomly in the midst. If you are a fake, lack credibility, and has failed to make quality decisions in your own life when faced with similar situations, maybe you should keep your mouth closed! That’s my “call!”
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