By Vernalee
I’m not in the dragging business. Thus, I refuse to let you drag me down. I will not be on your lowly level. Speaking of dragging, neither will I assist you in dragging someone’s name through the mud. I do not subscribe to those dastardly measures. Let people make their own moves without intervention of negativity. Neutrality beats meanness. Sometimes, doing nothing when you could do something is just as bad! Looking the other way requires movement! If I cannot lift you higher, I refuse to drag you downward. For those people who are always trying to bring people down, let me share with you a fact! It takes as much energy, strength, and force to push as to pull; to lift up as to lower. The weight is the same. I hold my head up. Looking down or behind has no value. Either you will be a help or a hindrance. It’s your our choice as it is mine!
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