By Vernalee
In the 1970’s, the Bee Gees’images Robin and Barry Gibb wrote and recorded, “How do you mend a broken heart.” Later released by Al Green, the song became a thought provoking tear jerker. Though we sing the words, there is no known medical cure for a broken heart. As I watch someone in my family whose heart has been broken, the lyrics are repetitively being replayed in her life. For those who know her story, the song’s lyrics are being kept alive by a person who is holding her accountable for ancient actions, many of which he has no eyeball knowledge. It’s amazing how the actions of olden times stay fresh when we permit others to keep them alive. Lest our fears, it is further amazing when we allow others to beat us down when we have the power to stop them in their paths. Keeping the past alive breathes flagrant air of memories coupled with an unforgiving spirit. It makes me wonder who is worse: him or her! One is holding the freshened memory while carrying a torch burning unforgiving flame and the other is allowing him to emotionally coerce her into a space to not let go! For sure, neither one has to worry about “tomorrow’s sorrows,” because religiously they are holding tightly onto the past. It’s like a ghost ….. who is not Casper!
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