By Vernalee
Singer and actress Jill Scott says that 6 months is long enough to determine whether he’s the one. For serious minded people, the primary purpose of dating is to access compatibility. Is this the person that you can spend the rest of your life with and step into the prisms of eternal bliss? Is he / she marriage material? How much time is needed to determine that? Though the assessment time may vary, exactly what is excessive? Let’s put some reasonableness to this variance. Is five years sufficient? Most definitely! Is 10 years too long? Yes; most likely! In 10 years, a person knows the other as much as a Mother knows her child! Pow! If the person is still dating beyond 10 years, the message is clear. Either – You are not good enough or one of the parties feel that they are better than the other. Maybe the partner doesn’t want to share what he / she has worked to earn (although, a pre-nuptial could cure that). What is the reason? Is it selfishness? Is there a trust issue or fear of commitment? Is there someone else? Is a previous failed marriage the cause? When and if someone asks when are you getting married ….and the answer is avoided like a plague, there is definitely a problem. Whatever it may be, surveys reveal that there is a reason for the delayed singleness. Thus, if one continue dating under these circumstances, the dates are merely recreational or maybe a waste of time because the relationship is obviously going no where! “Time will tell!” Time also waits on no one! Women become old maids. Single men, other than the playboys, who stay single have a constant flow of gossipy whisperers questioning their sexuality or delayed rationale. As the wait continues, years pass by as the prospects of marriage go down! The answer is not blowing in the wind; the answer is staring those who are in those predicaments in the face!
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