By Vernalee
imageHow long is too long to return a call?
I’m glad that you asked!
How many times have you made a call and it went directly to voicemail? In fact, some voicemails are so craftily recorded that for a quick second, you think that you are actually speaking to the person until you hear, “leave a message.”
Then, there are times that you are prepared to leave a message because the person so rarely answers that you are shocked out of your wits when he/she picks up.
Telephone etiquette is a major issue for many, but no matter how thin you slice it, your telephone mannerism is a reflection of you and certainly your professionalism.
Undoubtedly, there are times that you are actually busy; or want the world to think that you are busy; or nonchalant; or have poor time management skills; or glimpse at the number/name on your caller I.D. and conclude that the caller can wait.
Whatever the rationale, there is a reason why the call went into the voicemail system in the first place. Agreed? Accepted! Now here comes the pivotal question.
When do you return the call?
What is an acceptable time frame?
One hour?
Two hours?
24 hours?
Or does it depend upon who the caller was?
Let’s classify the call and take it a step farther.
Was it a personal or business call?
Are you a flagrant violator and tempting your customers to take their business elsewhere?
Granted, it is easier to take the call in real time whenever possible, or if your business presents ongoing/superfluous calls and is unmanageable, consideration may be given to hire an assistant or a professional answering service. Regardless, experts agree that the return call should occur as quickly as possible and on the day of the call preferably.
Once we leave the professional realm, what is the rule of thumb for personal calls?
How long should a love one take to return a call?
If it is your mate, be careful. Consider the consequences before you plow in. Waiting too long is insulting and a reflection of disrespect or an assessment of your value or worth.
If you don’t believe me, take the same amount of excessive time to return their call as they did yours and see what happens.
It never fails, when the shoe is on the other foot, invariably the world looks different.
Excuse me, my phone is ringing! I’m not too busy to answer! Let me effectively manage my time by taking care of my business now rather than later.
Why? Tomorrow is another day … filled with its own tasks and anxieties.
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