By Vernalee
Recently, The Today Show had a feature that struck a nerve. Digital declutter was the topic.
For those whose Inboxes approximate the ten of thousands, this message is for you. Take the dive; dig yourself out! How can you be effective, responsive or organized with tons of unread / unopened emails resting in your Inbox.
How many opportunities (business or otherwise) have you missed?
It is a difficult process, particularly for people who have multiple email accounts (like me)!
The email clutter has become such a big problem that there are businesses dedicated to the science of decluttering your email inbox!
According to the experts, there is a great app called Perhaps, it is worth a click for those carrying massive amounts of unread emails.
It has also been suggested that if you remove emails from your Inbox and place them in a To do folder, your clutter will gradually become manageable.
Of course, then you have to deal with cleaning out the replacement folder. There is no easy way out when you are in too deep.
If your storage is becoming limited, remember Emails and Photos take up space. Assign your many, many photos to a Google Photo or Drop Box. We love taking photos, don’t we? Selfies, anyone? Bottom line: Get organize; take baby steps; use apps that can help! Knowing where you are is a great management tool in our high tech world since so much business is transacted through email and various forms of social media.
Missing a sale hurts when it was transmitted via an email that you never opened. OUCH! Lost sales and revenue affect the bottom line.
Stay on top; get organized! When it comes to communications, the world is flat; it is not business as usual… the old fashioned way.
You cannot hide your negligence. Not reading your emails is known by others. Remember, you never responded to them either.
Success dictates that we keep up! Managing our emails (which is our communications to and from the world) is a positive step forward in that direction.
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