By Vernalee
imageHow much extra weight are you carrying around? Most people may refuse to answer! Alright, I’m not referring to those pounds around your waistline. I’m referring to those other intangible weighty issues. Not only are they extra pounds; some contain toxicity; others, need to be removed. Here’s a clicker! How many pounds are on your back that belong to someone else? While you are carrying their weight, they are running around carefree! Admit it! Those pounds – yours and theirs – become a heavy 25 pound ball and chain around your feet or an albatross around your neck. Did I mention their burdensomeness? Why is it hard to disconnect and let go? Do we let our past infractions become present issues? It’s too much! There’s extra weight at home, on the job, in relationships … The load can become tremendously heavy. In order to ease the weight and drop those pounds, it is imperative that you physically, mentally, and emotionally – let go! You have to relieve yourself of the pressures that accompanies the weight or you’ll sink. You must take the weight off of your back! Occasionally, it is mind over matter. The mental exhaustion has the capacity to weigh on you as much as the physical pounds. Need I mention the stress and its companions. Not only is stress weighty, it is difficult to remove. However, you must remove it before it conquers you. Try! Put forth a Herculean effort. It’s challenging and continuous. It’s our responsibility. Shed the weight; work on removing emotional pressurized points; exercise your way back to a balanced point of view. Your mental and physical movements will become less restrained. Once you make these moves, you will feel lighter and better. Your back will certainly thank you. Your mind will jump for joy! You will be refreshed! Guaranteed!
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