By Vernalee
Is he getting off cheap? Are you getting the short end of the stick? Are you guilty of being too reticent to ask or push the buttons? Does he take advantage of your reticence? If you could put his love in a container, how much would you have? Is a container big enough? Questions on questions abound. The truth always rises to the top.
Check this out.
Listen to the stories.
Here’s one.
Rumor has it that she (the girlfriend, that is) has two cars and a plush house that the boyfriend purchased. Exquisite attire, furs, jewelry, and designer bags line the walls of her closet. Exotic trips to lands afar are vacations of pleasure; all courtesy of the boyfriend. Mind you, I said boyfriend, not husband!
They’re in a committed relationship, but not married yet.
The old folks would say that she is a “well kept” woman.
How and why
Obviously, he loves her and wants to adorn her with pleasantries.
Some might ask, “Is this a pay to play system? Or is it a man doing what a man does when he loves and adores the woman in his life? He treasures her with goodies of all types; with love and kindness.
Recently, speaking on harmonious marriages, I heard a pastor say that most men just need two things – sexual gratification and the remote control. Women, he said on the other hand need ten to twenty things. This recognition is a mature acknowledgement and understanding of a woman’s chemistry/emotionality and what it takes to show her that you care. Beyond being shown, she needs to hear the sweet words of love being whispered into her ears and to feel the gentleness of her man’s touch.
Keeping it simple, there are four things that a man can do to show love:
1. Say “I love you” – regularly.
2. Give tokens of affection.
3. PDA – Show Physical Displays of Affection.
4. Connecting – Being together on a consistent basis; alone, and with family and friends.
Let’s get to the meat of the matter and move away from litanies of excuses. Excuses that are given too often to justify lack; excuses that are tired of being heard. Admittance is the first step needed to move forward.
Thus, it begs to ask if you are an independent woman or a woman who asks for little, should your man adorn you with much? Of course! Be careful!
Men – Don’t be caught in a bad position. One day, the person that you gave little when you could have given much will get tired of being low on the food chain; or one day you may meet your match.
If you need to make a change, it’s never too late. Stand up and be counted!
Stop being in denial!
Stop trying to convince yourself that you are generous of your time and resources, when you know that you are not!
Be true to thine self!
You know better than most! You can say whatever you want, but you can’t justify what you don’t do! There is always residual evidence. The proof is in the pudding!
Stop the madness!
If there is true love, you never have to be asked. You just do! You give freely to each other. You become gifts to each other. Untie the bow! Now that’s what I’m talking about!
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