By Vernalee
Keith Cameron Smith in his book, “The Top 10 Distinctions between the Millionaires and the Middle Class” provides clear cut distinctions on how millionaires and the middle class populace think. Without question, we are and / or become what we think! Our thoughts eventually parlay into our actions.
As you examine Smith’s 10 Distinctions, you may be amazed at the specified thought processes; thus, demonstrating the importance of your mindset toward goal accomplishments. Let’s take a look.
Distinction # 10 Millionaires think long term.
The middle class thinks short term.
Distinction # 9 Millionaires talk about ideas.
The middle class talks about things and other people.
Distinction # 8 Millionaires embrace change.
The middle class is threatened by change.
Distinction # 7 Millionaires take calculated risks.
The middle class is afraid to take risks.
Distinction # 6 Millionaires continually learn and grow.
The middle class thinks learning ended with school.
Distinction # 5 Millionaires work for profits.
The middle class works for wages.
Distinction # 4 Millionaires believe they must be generous.
The middle class believes they can’t afford to give.
Distinction # 3 Millionaires have multiple sources of income.
The middle class only has one or two.
Distinction # 2 Millionaires focus on increasing their net worth.
The middle class focuses on increasing their paychecks.
Distinction #1 Millionaires ask themselves empowering questions.
The middle class asks disempowering questions.
Now then … What are you thinking?
What is your mindset? How rich (or poor) are you in your thinking? You have time to refocus. It’s never too late to change, if need be. Don’t be a wannabe! Don’t operate with Champaign taste on a beer budget! Realize your fullest potential – which may change your thoughts, habits, actions, and of course, your spending!
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