By Vernalee

How do we influence others?
Advice, Counseling, and Coaching are the three magic words that are the key methods.
Let’s take a look at each.
1. Advice –
A. Directive in nature.
B. Quick and to the point.
C. May be welcomed (or not).
D. Aimed at producing results.
E. Not always effective in changing long term behavior.
2. Counseling –
A. Directive and corrective.
B. Involves citing facts and evidence.
C. Generally, not desired.
D. Aimed at re-aligning behavior.
E. May be effective in changing long term behavior.
F. Conversation often one way.
3. Coaching –
A. Socratic, collaborative in nature.
B. Involves asking questions and sharing perspectives.
C. Needs to be desired in order to be effective.
D. Aimed at helping the receiver see alternative actions.
E. Conversations must be two way.
We parents probably have used all three of the methods to influence our children at some time or another.
“To influence others you must go beyond general expectations and reach for limits above the norm. You must also have total confidence in yourself and what you are attempting to achieve as you provide words, wisdom, and prosperity. Understanding your impact as you show others what they can achieve is paramount.”
Method 1 – Influencing Colleagues
A. Boost confidence.
B. Gain knowledge and do research.
C. Know the person you are trying to influence.
D. Ensure honesty by being genuine and absolute.
Method 2 – Influencing Adversaries
A. Know your opponent’s side.
B. Prove your dedication and commitment.
C. Show that you are an expert and have total belief.
Method 3 – Achieving Influence In Sales
A. Grasp the power of persuasion.
B. Use conformity and social impact.
C. Believe that what you are selling, your product is truly the best.
Influence is powerful.
Use it to your advantage and to the benefit of others!
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