By Vernalee
Being in love, loving someone and being loved back are incredible emotions and feelings that we all desire. Hearing the three words, “I love you” can lift you up, send chills down your spine, make you feel brand you, among other feelings; some of which are indescribable. The words and their accompaniments have medicinal effects. To love and be loved require attention and meticulous care. Sometimes, we win; sometimes we lose. The ideal is to find that right balance alongside the right words, behaviors, and actions.
Based upon feedback from my followers, the “Stuff We Talk About” daily blog is introducing a new feature called the “How To’s”. No one knows how to do it all. Neither do we have all the right answers. In this new “How To” series, we will bring to you the opinions and findings from the experts who will share their expertise on related matters. To start this series, our first post deals with the greatest emotion of all – love.
Love is not hard. Staying in love and doing what the essence of love requires have its challenges.
Several experts tell us how to stay in love with each other. Let’s take a look.
Opinion #1 – How to Stay in Love:
1. Listen.
2. Value each other.
3. Forgive.
4. Laugh together.
5. Be kind.
6. Flirt (with each other through words and actions).
7. Protect.
Opinion #2 – How to Stay in Love:
“Relationships don’t coast by on autopilot. They need active effort to keep the love alive. Here are six secrets to stay in love forever:
1. “Us” Time: You may spend lots of time with each other but is it quality time? Whether it’s a weekly date night, a few overnights, or an extended vacation, make sure that you have time where you can focus exclusively on each other.
2. Connect throughout the day: Do you remember when you first met? You may have been so excited to see each other that you used every spare moment to call each other even when you were apart. It’s worth revisiting some of your old practices that you engaged in when your love for each other seemed all encompassing. Make an effort to connect with each other throughout the day. Send a short text message or email to let your significant other/spouse know that you’re thinking about him/her. These regular connections during the day will keep the positive feelings flowing and make your time together that much more meaningful.
3. Give Appreciations: It’s so easy to notice the flaws and take the virtues for granted. We need to throw out this recipe for resentment. Instead make it a habit to express gratitude and overlook their faults. Daily appreciations will help you not lose sight of all the good your mate does for you. You’ll also get in the habit of focusing on the positive and your mate will feel loved. Make a few minutes a day to include appreciations in your routine. Sit down and look into each other’s eyes and share what you appreciate about what your mate did for you today or a quality that he/she possesses.
4. Try new things: Don’t let your relationship get stale. Try new things together. When you were dating you may have done new activities together. How exciting is your relationship? Experiment. Take something new together and you’ll see how it will liven up your relationship. Even if you don’t have the same interests, you can still have fun together.
5. Make your mate laugh: Laughing can create the same chemical bond as intimacy. Couples can get bogged down in the heaviness and stress of life. Negativity can permeate the atmosphere and ruin all attempts to connect, even on a nice vacation. Infusing laughter into your relationship can cut through the stress faster than anything else.
6. Praise your mate’s physical appearance: While this may be more important to women than men, it is a nice gesture to positively comment on appearance. As we age and begin to feel self-conscious about our looks, it’s really helpful to know that you still find each other attractive.”
Opinion # 3 – How to Stay in Love:
Five Choices to help you stay in love:
1. Learn to love yourself.
2. Take it slow.
3. Ask in-depth questions
4. Don’t shy away from conflict.
5. Appreciation rather than judgment.
There you have it. The experts have given us solid advice. They have spoken! We just need to follow the roadmap!
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