By Vernalee
untitled arma
Do you really know who you are talking to? Probably not! If you did, your confidential information wouldn’t be spreading like wildfire! What you maintained as a secret is no more! You talked too much and your so called friend is the culprit! Hold your horses! Can’t I seek advice? What about sharing with a person that I trust? Stop! That’s the problem! We cannot always trust who we think are trustworthy! People are not always what they seem. Being a country girl, let me tell you that “the pig that is washed goes back to wallow in the mud.” Does your friend “have your back;” will he / she be there for you when everyone walk out; will they cry, when you cry; will they be with you and for you through thick and thin; will they keep your secrets secret? Give considerable thought before you answer! For those who have been taken for granted, “You’ll know the next time. Many of us have been raped of our secrets and played; including yours truly!” We can’t blame their tongue for talking, when our tongue told them what to say! The discernment rests with us. An old Arabian proverb tells us “Do not tell a friend anything that you would conceal from an enemy.”
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