By Vernalee - arguing at workAs we shared collective experiences, many distasteful workplace points of dissatisfaction surfaced. When you see the area that pertains to you, note it; X marks the spot!

Speaking for the team, here goes:

• We hate going to work. Anxiety consumes us at the very thought.
• We can’t wait for the clock to strike five; its quitting time. We are called – LIFO – Last in, First out!
• There is no incentive to work hard; bare minimum is the standard.
• We only give them (the employer) what they give us. Nothing extra.
• We really wanted to give them our best, our all; but we will be penalized for perfection. Why bother?
• Our boss is a jerk, a bully…along with other generic descriptors that we care not to mention.
• Our boss nonchalantly looks the other way; nothing is ever addressed.
• The supervisors conspire to get you! They talk about you behind your back. You get called into their office for the dumbest things.
• Quality Leadership is nonexistent. Speaking of bona fide leaders; where are they?
• The office is a dump.
• The bathrooms stink.
• Everything and we mean everything is unorganized.
• You are never praised for anything; sanctions are waiting.
• Suspensions, disciplinary reprimands and terminations rapidly flow.
• Did we mention that counseling to correct performance deficiencies is not encouraged?
• The office is a gossip haven. Silence, hush up; We need to hear who was caught kissing in the supply room!
• Lunch breaks: You better eat on the run. Please, do not get caught talking in the hallways. Laughter and socializing are not encouraged.
• Complaints / issues are ignored and never addressed. Why make them? Nothing ever changes.
• Many staffers are inconsiderate and rude; but that is the culture.
• The pay is not competitive; raises haven’t been given in years.
• The benefits package is substandard at best.
• Arrogance infiltrates the air being reflective in attitudes, practices and policies.
How’s that for morale!

There are too many characteristics to list them all, but you get the point. Right?

Alright, stop! Don’t think that we have nothing positive to say. Respectfully, we have met some decent people at work. There, you have it!

As for us, as long as our checks cash and don’t bounce, nothing else matters! Regretfully, we are mentally elsewhere! We just park our bodies there (on the worksite) for eight hours and pass the time like everyone else!

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