By Vernalee
If there is a vacancy, I want the job!
There is speculation that the Cavs’ head coach, David Blatt may be fired! If that rumor is true, I am considering throwing my hat in the ringer. I can lead magnificently and will hire the right coaching staff to turn the 20-20 record around. My forte is leadership and I am a quick study! No one can draw “X’s” and “O’s” on a clip board better than me. Stop! I know that many may be thinking that I am not qualified to do the job. I beg to differ. Many other candidates have not had prior NBA coaching experience and have been offered head coaching jobs! Apparently, it is not a prerequisite. Facetiously, my son Scooter once told me that coaches are hired to be fired! If I can negotiate a substantial contract and if for any reason, I am let go, I’ll be millions of dollars richer for time that I don’t have to work. Smart thinking, right! Based on my business acumen and my experience dealing in the NBA arena, I am positively sure that I can lead King James and the team to victories and a championship. I would be the first Black woman to do so! King James, the Cavalier team and I can make history if I am given a shot! After all, the game is more than athleticism; it is a business. As a risk taker, I welcome the challenge! That’s all for now folks! Let’s see what happens …
Until then, GO CAVS!
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