By Vernalee
neilorme. com
Yesterday, my son told me that he really enjoys reading my blog. Great comment! Then, he told me that it reminds him of a comic strip. Huh? “Mommy, it’s like reading Charlie Brown. You never know what you will see, but you can’t wait to read it.” I am enjoying this more and more, Scooter Lee, but I probably would have preferred my blog being compared to the Blondie comic strip. It is more apropos and age appropriate. However, in the scheme of things, the net results are the same. Either one will broaden my audience and have them returning to my site! I am glad that you are reading this on your own without me asking like the days of old! Haha! All kidding aside, Thank you son for your reading and comments; they are much appreciated! Now, let’s see what Lucy, Peanuts and Snoopy are up to today!
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