By Vernalee
There is a phrase commonly referred to as “Crabs in a Barrel.” Essentially, it means that if I can’t have something, neither can you. This phrase takes its metaphor meaning from the crabs. Through their very nature, crabs have the tendency to pull at the other. As soon as one ascends a few inches, the other pulls it down. Subsequently, none or few of the crabs can escape and get out because of this pulley effect. Human nature can be no different. Some folks pull down the other because of jealousies, spite, egos, and envies. Rather than see their colleague achieve success, he / she will contribute to their demise. They harbor resentment to the other’s success. It is a short minded way of thinking, but a reality that unfortunately exist for too many folks! Their animal like resemblances to the crabs’ shells, claws, and tails keep getting in the way of progressive thinking, activity, and progress. Sounds familiar?
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