By Vernalee
Tractor Glen Allan
I’m back from the cotton picking Mississippi delta and I didn’t drive a tractor while there! How about that!

It’s amazing what a vacation can do. I am well rested – mentally and physically.
I was able to concentrate and tackle several outstanding tasks / projects in a serene environment. More importantly, I relaxed with two of the loves of my life, my daughter and Mother.

Visiting my home-state of Mississippi is always refreshingly therapeutic. Conversing with and enjoying the company of my darling Mother was priceless. She is as wise as every gray string of her hair and then some. She can patiently teach you what you could never learn at Harvard. What wisdom! I am truly blessed!

Now that I have mentally left my vacation oasis imaginatively thinking that I was Cleopatra floating down our Nile, the mighty Mississippi River, I am back to reality, the snow and the single digit temperatures of the North. Oh well! At least I have warmly reconnected with you, my readers!

Photo Reprint: Welcome Attraction – Tractor on highway to Glen Allan, Mississippi