By Vernalee
ferris bueller
If you have not figured it out, I am calling off on Friday. I have decided to take a sick day and extend my weekend. Besides, accumulated sick days are there to be used. Why touch vacation days, when they translate into money in the bank? Of course, I am not ill today and I do not anticipate feeling bad on Friday. Just like everybody else, I need to rest my body and my mind from the insanity that goes on in the workplace. Just as the sun rises in the east, for sure, I know that on the jobsite this week, it will be full of workplace shenanigans.
Some may call this – improper – to fake being sick. Who cares when the majority of most workers have abused sick leave privileges! What a seamless blending of the two! Besides, if asked, no one will admit to their faked deceptions. Some are innocently carefree because they have so many traits to conceal particularly their wearing of rubber sole shoes that invisibly kick behinds with no traceable footprints. If you fake your sick time, you should definitely stay in the house. Getting caught in the deception is not the goal. So, don’t go to the golf courses or malls, because that is where the bosses go when they play hooky or fake being sick! Takes one to know one! Are you legitimizing sick leave abuse when you don’t show up and escape a day of anticipated misery? Do you consider it a mental health day or are you just thinking ahead and strategizing like Ferris Bueller! His innocence paid off. Hopefully, it will be duplicated with less fanfare than Bueller on Friday! Zzz…to an extra hour of sleep!
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