By Vernalee
Mistakes, missteps, apologies – where do they all fit? Why is it difficult to apologize? Despite the associated pride, admittance of errors, revelation of guilt, and other variables, apologizing to people that you love is a prerequisite, particularly if you wish to stay around. In that spirit, there are Eight Things that you should always apologize for if you love someone.
People make mistakes; some intentional, some not. When that happens or feelings are bruised, should there be an apology extended and who should apologize first? It’s this fallacy that whoever apologizes first is either the weakest or is guilty. Such is not the case. Apologies are not signs of weakness or guilt; quite the contrary. They are expressions of caring; expressions of not caring who says it first – because it really doesn’t matter. Can I get an Amen? Raise your hand if you strive to be the biggest person; simply because you want a harmonious relationship; simply because you care enough to say it first; simply because you want to do the right thing. At the count of eight, read below and let me know if you would or should apologize when and if any of these occurrences happen:
1. Starting fights and arguments
2. Slacking and not doing your share of the errands and chores.
3. Not trying hard enough to make the changes your partner would appreciate or has requested that you make.
4. Not bothering to make special occasions special.
5. Not paying enough attention.
6. Losing your cool and saying things that you instantly regret.
7. For not being there when your partner needed you.
8. For not having the guts to apologize in the first place.
Are you still counting? All kidding aside, apologies breed understanding. They are foundational for solid relationships. They show compassion; they take you up a notch higher. Believe it or not, an apology is a demonstration of strength not weakness. It’s about saying that you truly care. That two letter word, “I’m sorry”, though hard to utter for many … goes a long way. It travel like the speed of light and penetrate the heart and ears of those needing to hear. Try it and see how it works!
Alright, step aside. Let me deal with those who reside in their utopia world of individual perfection. They worry not about pleasing anyone but themselves. You know who I’m talking about. Right? Therefore, if you are one of those folks in this elite class who never admit to being sorry and the words “I’m sorry” rarely or never leave your lips, this advice is not for you. You are in that self professed group of people who are never wrong! Please forgive me for being presumptuous to have entered your world making suggestions that I am sure you regard as outlandish. “I’m Sorry!” Please accept my apology!
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