By Vernalee - Jennifer Hudson

Flipping through the television stations recently, there were approximately 30 infomercials airing during the wee hours of the morning pertaining to our health, appearance, and beauty. I am sure that you have either seen some of these infomercials or at least their listings. I may have missed a few, but included were:

NutriBullet; Airbrushed; Total Body Sculpt; Laura Geller
Makeup Studio; Omega 3; Looking younger than ever: It’s
science not magic; Health and Nutrition; I hate my hair;
Total Gym; Wen by Chaz; The Principle secret; Ageless
Beauty; Rx for Brown Skin; Shaun T’s Gym; Total Gym; Tommie
Copper; I hate my wrinkles; Hair Restoration; Facelift secrets; T 25 Sexy
Bodies; No more back pain; Salon Nails in minutes; The Food
Lovers System; Look younger than ever; Stop aging now;
Richard Simmons Hope; New Sheer Cover studio, Zumba.

Cindy Crawford, Victoria Principle, Chuck Norris, Vivica Fox, Montel Williams, Richard Simmons, Joan Lunden, among other celebrities are among the product’s pitchmen. Although not televised during that specific morning time slot, other well-known endorsers include Jennifer Hudson (Weight Watchers) and Marie Osmond (NutriSystem).

All of these products claim amazing results. We watch; we buy; we try.
The desirable results are obtained with some, while others fail. No doubt, we don’t have to look far to purchase what we want. The infomercial shippers make it convenient; they deliver with no shipping charges in unmarked boxes to our doorsteps. Oh, the money we pay for beauty, improved appearance and health! If one doesn’t work; perhaps, the others will. Let’s just say that it is money well spent when you feel as good as you look or when you look as good as you feel!

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