By Vernalee
Let me share a story:
She thought that she was happily married, until her friend told her that her husband was on her Facebook page in a compromising photograph with another woman! Busted! You can’t hide on social media! Then the wife’s research started; aggressively, I might add! The worst thing that a man can have is an inquisitive woman that he has given every reason to be inquisitive. Go girl! Check him out! Women can find and pick up dirt better than a vacuum cleaner. We were trained to clean and inspect in our adolescence. Our friends will voluntarily help us simply because they may have walked in our moccasins. There is strength in numbers! Teaming agreements aren’t just for businesses! When you cheat; often times you slip. When you slip; you get “found out!” A man would probably prefer being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation – than the Female Bureau of Investigation. We are more thorough and the consequences are worst. Don’t label this as jealousy; call it wisdom to separate facts from fiction!
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