By Vernalee
www,garylellis.oorgThe grass is not always greener on the other side even when it appears so. A man or woman respectively may think that the other desirable person is better than their current companion. The new chick has a Coca Cola figure with Marilyn Monroe beauty; the new beau has Billy Dee Williams’ handsomeness and swagger! When will you learn that what The Temptations sang in 1966: “Beauty is only skin deep”is true! However, when beauty is inside, it lasts forever! Don’t be mistaken. Don’t chase a dream when everything that you need is presently in your life. Going to the other side may not yield what you think! Conceptually, this quote refers to many other aspects of life beyond relationships. Thus, think before you move and realize that what you saw was just a mirage! “Do not let the green grass fool you” because it will eventually wither away into hay. The bright green color will turn brown. Experimentation is not always wise when you have a proven commodity! Keep in mind that fertilizer doesn’t guarantee the production of a good crop; it only enhances the soil! You may already have the best there is! Thus … Enjoy, respect, and appreciate the proven relationships in your life! Otherwise, you may be jumping out of the pot into the frying pan!
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