By Vernalee
The styles may vary, but when you can wear a pair of the stylish red – bottomed shoes designed by Christian Louboutin, you are sporting a pair of costly heels that may range in price anywhere from $495 to $6,000. Some folks want to hold their feet up just to showcase the lacquered “sammy red -bottoms.” Why not; go for it! Unhesitantly, when you step out in Christian Louboutin’s creations, you are walking on expensive grounds! A status symbol, I’ll say; a pricey one at that! Years ago, Oprah started a purchasing craze with hers! We love being copy cats of famous people. Imaginarily, we think that maybe their fame or fortune might rub off on us! As for me, I hate to cast a “red cloud” over my yet to be purchased red bottoms. Mine will be on display on my shelf of collectibles. Why wear them? I’m not getting them dirty. They cost too much!
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