By Vernalee
Corporate great, Lee Iacocca once said, “If you have had 5 real friends, you have had a great life.”
True that!
Answer this!
How many of your family members are friends and how many are “leave them where you found them” types?
Do they really get on your nerves that badly?
This brings me to another fascinating phrase that has been echoed for years. “If they were not your family, you wouldn’t pick them as friends!”
Most definitely not!
Don’t shoot me I am just the messenger; specifically, the writer in this case. Neither did I invent the phrase; nor am I here to prove/disprove its validity.
I am certain that you have enough family members who have voluntarily tested the phrase’s authenticity and validated this scientific hypothesis.
Let’s take a look.
1. The family fights –
Just think back to all the arguments, fights, bite your tongue moments that have occurred in your family over the years; many over insignificant matters.
2. The hypocrites –
Some family members go around prophesying in the name of The Lord, yet they haven’t even spoken to some relatives in years.
Sounds hypocritical to me!
What do you think?
3. The reasons for the fights –
The fights encompass a lot of territory. Nothing beat this stalemate, namely
the relatives who have been at war for so long that they don’t even know why they are fighting?
4. Generational fights –
Through the family’s umbilical cord, the fights have moved from one generation to the next. Wait one minute! The kids have only imitated their parents.
Practice makes perfect!
We do what we see!
Children aren’t speaking to their peer relatives because their parents didn’t speak to each other.
“Can you feel me?”
5. Stop unrelated comparisons –
The Hatfields and McCoys are just plain neophytes compared to many noticeable family divisions and rivalries. I’m sorry … the Hatfields’ and McCoys’ represented two different unrelated families.
They were not blood related barracudas who sucker punched each other verbally, emotionally, and physically.
6. The hatred –
Lest not even enter the realms of those who can’t stand the other relatives’s guts and have make it universally known to any ear willing to listen.
That’s enough; hush your mouth!
Look people!
Get this under control!
The list for the reasons for family disunity go on and on, but let’s end with this one.
7. Scriptural Warnings –
We don’t need circulating in our midst, Cain’s and Abel’s footnotes or tragedy. We were pre-warned of the ramifications associated with these types of jealousies and hatred in the Book of Genesis!
Take heed!
Show some love!
The circle of this madness, disrespectful conduct, and hatred can stop with us!
The family was lovingly created by God to foster love!
He knew what he was doing and what was good for us.
We need to get with the program!
We need to incubate love, show love, forget, and forgive.
Sure this is hard, but it beats the alternatives!
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