By Vernalee
missives by michelle
If you cannot take a person for his / her word, what is left? Your word solidifies your commitment. It is your character being verbalized. You are what you say! Because words are not always followed, we need to have them stipulated in writing and legal agreements. Formalizing our words legally removes the ambiguities, outlines the terms, and mandates the compliance. Words and handshake deals are elements of the past with no enforceability. If it’s not in writing, how credible is it? Sadly and legally, if challenged, only the written word forces a person to do what was promised / committed. Folks can, forever and a day, argue and dispute what was verbally said. Affixing one’s signature to one’s written words is your bond and even that can be argued in a court of law for interpretation! Avoid being a hypocrite, just do what you said; be a person of your word!
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