By Vernalee
It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
Nelson Mandela

“It’s too much; I cannot do it; it’s too weighty on my heart and mind; it is an impossible task.”
How many times have you heard that or said it yourself? How many times have you wanted to just give up? When it is not easy and the answers are not at your fingertip, the job can become overwhelming; particularly when you want it to happen immediately.
The beauty of accomplishment is that once all is done, you forget about its arduousness.
Perseverance is key. Here’s how we can do it.
1. Strengthening your resolve.
A. Know what you want.
B. Get rid of self doubt.
C. Practice staying cool.
D. Don’t get dragged down by haters.
E. Know your value.
F. Enjoy life.
2. Dealing with obstacles.
A. Face reality.
B. Weigh your options carefully.
C. Listen to your conscience.
D. Stand up for yourself.
E. Learn from your mistakes.
3. Staying resilient.
A. Keep your mind and body healthy.
B. Keep things in perspective.
C. Nourish your spirituality.
D. Stay true to who you are.
As the late great Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
Let that statement motivate you to move forward and beyond adversities.
You might be pleasantly surprised at what lies within and ahead.
We often underestimate our inner strength and ourselves!
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