By Vernalee - grandmother teaching cookingI don’t know how I let it happen, but I didn’t teach my daughter how to cook. I taught my son the basics; he knew his way around the kitchen. But by the time my daughter came around, we dined out a lot and picked up meals often. I was also engrossed in my career with limited time.

With an adult daughter who couldn’t cook, my Mother chastised me fiercely. Admittedly, I failed to teach her what my Mother taught me. So about six years ago, a new day was on the horizon. With a willingness to learn and a Grandmother’s desire to teach, my daughter decided that she would prepare Thanksgiving dinner. With the patience of Job, my Mother taught her the ropes. My daughter watched; she stirred; she baked; and she wrote down all the instructions and recipes in her laptop. It was captivating to watch this darling pair! The feast was prepared. The time had come! The true test would be how the meal tasted. The food was absolutely delicious!

Though I cannot take the credit, proud, I am. She is almost a master chef today! My Mother’s lessons paid off! The girl can now “throw down!” I am reaping the benefits! She cooked Thanksgiving dinner last year for me!