Size, power, wealth, status … can be intimidating to some; threatening to others! So what if the elite drive the expensive car, live in the mansion, have big bank accounts, and owned multiple properties and businesses galore? Does he not put on his pants one leg at a time like you? Other than asset acquisitions, (which you can add to your portfolio with hard work and goal accomplishments), there really is no difference; is there? Sorry, yes there is! The difference is mindset!
“Mind over matter” rules!
Therefore, if you come up against the “big dogs,” don’t be intimidated by their size. Trepidation should not enter your mind.
You must stand tall!
Get yours!
Remember, the story of David and Goliath. Be confident! Focus your energies and keep your concentration on you, not them!
The little dog’s ferociousness should never be underestimated. Our family’s chihuahua, Penny, was a testament to that! Their diminutive size allows them to unnoticeably sneak up on you.
Besides, the big dogs, just like their masters may have more bark than bite! Bow wow; yippee yay!
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