By Vernalee
There is a new party in town. They are called passion parties! That’s right; you read it right. These parties provide women the opportunity to discreetly purchase sex toys, gadgets, and intimate things. Purposed to spice up their sex lives, women can see first-hand, up close and personal, what’s new on the market for their experimentation. Purportedly, these gadgets can make your love life sizzle! Hush! These parties are no secret; they are advertised on television! The host can become paid consultants and even earn free gifts! Why reinvent the wheel. Use the same gimmicks and incentives as offered in other well known home party concepts. These passion parties just feature innovative sexually oriented products! Make no mistake; this is big business with annual conventions.
If you have attended one of these parties in the privacy of someone’s home, no worries! “Ain’t nobody’s business… but your own!“

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