By Vernalee
I find myself frequently seeking opinions from my two adult children on various subject matters. Although this may constitute a role reversal, my children provide sound advice. Hmmm! Wonder where they got that skill from? Any idea? Hint: The apple never falls far from the tree! Anyway, their caring spirit goes far … and they are incredibly bright. I am exceptionally pleased at their comprehensive thought processes, answers and problem solving techniques. Their responses reflect profound intellectual depth. It is always stimulating when parents receive solid guidance from their children. It validates that your teachings paid off. Yes, they have long moved from my lap to my heart. However, they are still my babies. Somehow, we Mothers keep them there! So, it’s wonderful when adult children function like mature responsible adults! Some parents are stuck with the opposite … Kids who never grow up! Yes, I guess that I am bragging; they are the best …. but the greatest thing is – I am still the boss! Hello!
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