By Vernalee

black-woman-cooking www.bossip.comGreetings! It’s Thanksgiving: A day of family; a day of food and cooking; a day of giving thanks and being thankful!

Now, how long have you been up cooking? How many times have you called your Mother or a wise cook to obtain preparation instructions for dishes? My Momma’s mouthwatering turkeys were always finger licking good!

Veteran cooks like my Mother can taste the sweetest cake and discern that a half teaspoon of salt is missing! Incredible, isn’t it! I just love my almost 90 year old Mother’s instructions for cooking turkeys. “The key is seasoning. You have to wash and dress her thoroughly. Put a good bit of salt and pepper on her and rub in the seasonings with your hand real good!” Momma referred to the turkey using a feminine descriptor.

See, no matter what, we are always the stars and the center of attention! We are queens not only on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of the year! Now, “that’s what I am talking about!” Bon Appetit!

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