By Vernalee
Are you concerned about how others view you? Most of us are! When all is stripped away, our reputation is all that remains. Being a man or woman of your “word” by doing what you said you would do is the true and visible testament to who you are. Who you are in the inside will be shown externally. Remember – we are who we are regardless of what other folks think or say about us! All may be well until we are met with unfounded gossip and untruthful remarks. We have to be tempered with negative, untruthful conversations about us. Sometimes, we must even ignore them. We know who we are; others do too! We have to put some “stuff” and some people behind us as it is the frontal view that counts. Don’t lose your direction worrying about people who are in the “back” for a reason. Don’t let their negativism catch up with your positive movements. If you get caught up in their vibes, they will slow down your progress and you will be moving at their speed, not yours! What a tragedy that would be!
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