By Vernalee
Saturday is usually my “runaround” day, but today I am “staying put.” My plan is to do absolutely nothing and I mean nothing! I plan to rest and relax! I owe it to myself! This has been a mentally exhausting week. By the way, I am not on the beach today as the photo projects. However, I have such a vivid imagination that I will visually transport my mind to the white sandy beaches of Biloxi, Mississippi! Shazam! Oh my! The water in the Gulf is amazingly warm and relaxing as the scorching sun glares on my face. I am reclining in my chair with a wide rim straw hat. Join me imaginatively in this relaxation process, but please stay at your house! Let’s not defeat the purpose of my tranquility today! I am not on my phone; my iPad is in the hotel. I have removed the nuances of disturbances because I am just chilling!
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