By Vernalee
It’s once again time for awards! The selections are great! You have the manager who throws objects down the hall; the colleague who pulls gags all day; the gossipy incompetent coworker who uninvitedly goes from office to office; the supervisor who talks down to folks using such expletive language that can’t be written lest alone repeated. This office rivals any Hollywood or a NYC movie set! Beware – if the environment is crazy, it may rub off on you! Reportedly, one of the nominated workers was spotted in the audience at the Golden Globe Awards. For sure, she can put Viola Davis or Nicole Kidman to shame! They act their parts; she lives her role! She has been known to loudly degrade folks as she jets through the office on her broomstick (which she expensed on the company’s American Express card). Pardon me, her name isn’t television’s Samantha Stevens … although she is Bewitched! It’s contagious because she has expertly taught her male counterpart the ropes.  His magical tricks run like  water flowing downstream.  If he gets caught, he swears that it wasn’t him. Lying is one of his best attributes. It came naturally; he didn’t have to learn it! He’s magical! Very talented, he knows how  to make furniture, money, phones, cars, and computers disappear.  Shazam! He doesn’t travel inferiorly; he always upgrades to first class seating while extravagantly touring the world on the company’s dime! What a way to go! He frequently puts others in hypnotic trances with the snap of his fingers! It’s all in a day’s work of deceit! Anyway, these are the two contenders. Who won? Aw shucks, they were tied! They are both like the sands in an hour glass!
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