By Vernalee
What impression are you making? What do people really think of you? Do they have the courage to tell you? When you walk into a room, what aura do you personify?
Let me share a basic fact. I have said it once: I’ll say it again! You cannot hide what’s inside. Your insides eventually flow out. No matter how slick you think you are, your insides is an outpouring that flows like lava from a volcano. You can’t stop it!
If you are sneaky, manipulative, gregarious, outgoing … it shows, so keep it real!
Stop thinking that people just see your physical presence. Stop being so naïve. Your emotional physique flows out loud and clear. Some, particularly those who know you can read you like a book even if you think that you are not readable.
Stop trying to be a cover up artist. Many things that you think that you are covering up are conspicuously obvious. In fact, you may illuminate more brilliantly what you think you are hiding. Now for those yellow bellies who don’t tell you the truth, please know that you are adding to their problem by concealing what your eyes see and furthering their deception. Admit to them what you see! You’ll find the right words, time, and place. As for the person who keeps playing games, stop it. Admit who you are! Work to improve yourself! Keep it real. Your supposedly transparency is only transparent to you! Everybody else sees right through you!
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