By Vernalee
Well, Olympian star Bruce Jenner finally came out of his self imposed gender identity shell. The crisis is over or perhaps it has just begun. Out of the closet, Bruce is now a “she” with the name of Caitlyn. Bruce’s or shall I say Caitlyn’s transformation has caused a phenomenal stir and a media frenzy. I don’t get involved in people’s personal lifestyle choices or care what they do. “It’s their thing; they can do what they want to do.” But this Bruce / Caitlyn predicament has dominated the reporting and news coverage. What about the other significant news and critical issues that have taken second stage to Caitlyn? I want to know what’s happening in our country and the world. Don’t you? What’s occurring with Caitlyn (the old Bruce) is her business and prerogative. I am tired of hearing the debate over which pronoun should be used to refer to Bruce; whether he should be stripped of the Olympian medal; or whether the Wheatie cereal boxes should be updated with his new image! I really don’t care! Caitlyn will figure it out! There is more important “stuff” to be concerned with and talk about! Agreed?
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