By Vernalee
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Kindly, he asked me if he could have keys to my house. If he had keys, he would not have to disturb me and could let himself in with ease. What a thoughtful guy? Not so fast with that conclusion. If you want mine, will you surrender yours? Fair rule, right? Why did this man ask me for my key with no reciprocity? I felt insulted and told him so. “Don’t ask me for anything for which you are not willing to give.” The audacity of him!

That is why I made him aware of my cardinal rule.
“No man gets the keys to my house unless our last name is the same.” As marriage was a step that neither one of us were prepared to entertain at that point in time, nothing more needed to be said; case closed! No keys to your house; no keys to mine. A keyless guy he was then and a keyless guy he remained. Since he had the nerves to ask, I had the guts to honestly reply with a straight answer. Besides, when I keep my keys in my pocket, I will always be in control of who walks through my door. Agreed?

What’s your thought?

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