By Vernalee
Be left out in the cold means
I am sure that you have heard the expression, “You left me out in the cold.” Exactly what does that mean? I’m glad that you asked! It means to not allow someone to become part of a group or an activity or to not inform someone as to what is happening or has happened. The person who is orchestrating this process purposefully alienated, excluded, or barred information or support from another person. You may ask, “What’s wrong with that?” “Isn’t it the prerogative of a person to share or not share what he/she desires?” Of course, the freedom of choice is always an option that is reserved to the person making the decisions.
Generally speaking, it is their prerogative. They are well within their means to do whatever they please. But that conclusion can be drawn for just about everything or any situation in life. Therefore, it is always the spirit and intent of an action that underscore the true meaning. Sometimes, protecting and excluding information may be well intended; other times, it is blatantly malicious and unscrupulous. In those cases, it changes the flavor. This process can occasionally backfire if the person that was left out in the cold freezing elements has the wisdom and wherewithal to bring warmth and knowledge that can help you progress or take you to the next level. What happens if you unintentionally add fuel to the fire and to the person that you intended to freeze out? The coldness becomes less frigid when there is movement. Don’t underestimate their intelligence or expect the person to stand still in the cold! The intelligent ones learn to adjust and adapt to the freezing atmosphere. It is amazing the survival techniques that are acquired when someone’s back is up against the walls. Don’t be surprised if the person that you locked out becomes smarter than you. To survive, they learn how to weather the storm. Please don’t get angry when they build a fire, evaporate the icicles, and clothe themselves warmly to resist the coldness. And … for goodness sakes, don’t be shocked when and if they light a fire up under you! Your intended alienation brought out the best in them! It backfired! Now, you can credit yourself with creating a survival who may outlast you! Who’s cold and shivering now?