By Vernalee
“Let it go!” These three easy words seemingly roll off your tongue on their glide from your moistened lips. Three words that only add up to seven letters. Three words that provide simple, plain, and easy to recite instructions, but three words whose directives present difficult challenges sometimes. Embedded in the phrase is a plain, easy to interpret command that is regularly disobeyed. Somehow, emotional attachments muddy the waters. We like to hold on to people, places, and things that we rightfully should let go! There may be many reasons for the sticky emotional cushions that make it hard to stray away – including love, compatibility, comfortableness, familiarity, security, and the like. The unknown can be scary. Regardless, at some point, you have to be courageous enough to “let it go” rather than hold on to something that has the potential to bring harm. Once you “let it go” and cut the ties, you are three steps ahead from whence you started.
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