By Vernalee
MahaliaMississippi’s own B.B. King, made “Let the Good Times Roll” many moons ago. My Mother and I last evening did just that! Although 60 and almost 90, we acted like two teenage girls as we listened to music. I played my Mother’s favorite songs on my computer. The wonders of technology! We clapped and sang to Mahalia Jackson’s, “Precious Lord” (My Mother’s favorite), “In the Upper Room” and “Troubles of the World.” Then, we listened to the legendary The Mighty Clouds of Joy, James Cleveland, and Shirley Caesar. We had to go home in our spirit; that is to our native Mississippi and groove to the sounds of the Canton Spirituals and the Williams Brothers. After listening to the Williams sing, “Cooling Water” and “My Mama prayed for me,” my Mother started praising and clapping as if she was in church. Of course, after playing some of her favorites, I threw in my girl, Aretha Franklin. If you haven’t seen her version of “Bridge Over Trouble Waters,” it is deserving of a You Tube watch. She breaks it down with her voice and her fingers majestically floating across the piano keys. Momma and I compared Aretha’s and Mahalia’s version of “Precious Lord” with a split vote on which of the angelic voices harmonized it best! Then, Mother wanted to hear the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s last speech, “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop!” So, we took the historic voyage via my laptop to Memphis, Tennessee. After which, we listened to Dr. King’s shortened version of “I Have a Dream!” For over two hours, we clapped, sang, listened, “had church,” and a mighty good time at home…just two girls reminiscing! “What a time, what a wonderful time when God’s saint get together!” Happy Sunday!
Photo credit: – Mahalia Jackson