By Vernalee
bio_alexJeopardy’s host, Alex Trebek is in the house! Ready! Let’s play Jeopardy! Occupation is the category. Remember your responses must be in the form of a question.
Occupation for $ 200 – Alex.
He does no work, gets compensated handsomely, and nastily tells people what he thinks of them.
Answer: Who is Mr. Do Nothing?
Occupation for $400.
He comes in late every day; intimidates the staff when he arrives; is frequently missing in action; is exempted from punishment; takes funds out of the cookie jar; starts arguments frequently; and pretends to be busy with no evidence of productive activity.
Answer: Who is Mr. Do Nothing?
Occupation for $600.
He is a pathological liar; has emotionally stabbed people (in the back, of course); has vehemently insulted his coworkers on innumerable occasions; has routinely borrowed money from subordinates and after receipt of the funds threatened their job security.
Answer: Who is Mr. Do Nothing?
Occupation for $800.
He is a troublemaker, name caller, a stoolpigeon; an employee that everyone dislikes but must tolerate because of his closeness to the man in charge (a boss that he negatively talks about behind his back).
Answer: Who is Mr. Do Nothing?
Occupation for $1,000 Alex to finish the category.
He regularly laughs in your face and belittles you; is embarrassingly untrustworthy; takes food that isn’t his out of the refrigerator; has repetitively lied, cheated, and stolen; has harassed every single employee; is exceptionally ruthless but asks all to pray for his sins!
Suddenly, a puzzled Alex Trebek stops the game and says, “Contestants, I am sorry! Something is wrong with our monitor. No one person can have all of those lowly characteristics. That individual would be a devil in disguise.”
Bingo Alex! You are right! We just call him by his earthly name, Mr. Do Nothing!

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