By Vernalee
referee_disgruntled_employees, Camera, Action! You are not on a Hollywood set. You are at ABC Company. There is so much daily drama that it rivals television’s top watched reality shows. Productivity is down, but attendance is up. The staff doesn’t abuse sick time, because no one wants to miss the daily episodic spectacles. Here’s what last week looked like. On Monday, one employee rampaged into an office and verbally threatened his coworker. Tuesday, one of the executives loudly said to his annoying colleague, “Don’t let these college degrees fool you. If it’s a fight you want; it’s a fight you’ll get!” Wednesday, another executive walked down the hall yelling obscene expletives. Thursday, an employee picked up a plant and threw dirt at his office mate. On Friday, there weren’t any manager / subordinate argumentative disturbances, but the office buzzed because the foreman’s mistress showed up at his office sporting a noticeable black eye and embarrassing body bruises. The newly hired security guard, who was retained to break up potential office fights, escorted her off premises. What a week! I sit on the edge of my seat every day waiting on my friend to call and apprise me of ABC Company’s daily news. At first, I thought that she was making this stuff up, but no one can invent stories this juicy! I say to “Atlanta’s Housewives'” celebrity NeNe Leakes, please step aside! There are new stars rising at ABC. Though they may be everyday people, please know that their actions on the jobsite demonstrate theatrical prominence. This year’s New Artists in a Comedy Series – Emmy Award rightfully belongs to them!
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