By Vernalee
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Yahoo parenting writer Jennifer O, Neill, in her article, “Words you should always say to your kids”, (beyond the no brainer, “I love you”), recommends the following:
1. Tell Toddlers: “Please do…”
2. Tell Preschoolers: “Yes!”
3. Tell Elementary schoolers: “That work really paid off.”
4. Tell tweens: “I hear you.”
5. Ask teens: “What’s your plan?”
More mature in age, I am graciously adding a sixth item. To adult children who “fit the bill,” tell them: “You turned out exactly like I thought! Thank you for being loving and caring children!”In fact, I have learned a great deal from you! A parent’s joy is to see their children be respectful, loving, caring, humble, integitious, successful, good people…! I am blessed! I, as so many of you should count our blessings everyday when we have had a hand in producing good children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and others.
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