By Vernalee
There’s a person in your office who could win the best actor award for looking busy! You know exactly who I’m talking about. There he goes! He stays on his cell phone supposedly responding to urgent business calls. He takes his iPad everywhere. In meetings, most people think that he is taking notes, but I saw him surfing the internet before switching to play candy crush. Everybody knows that he is playing games, but when you are the “favorite child,” you can do as you please. His company travel will make a Delta Airline pilot squirm, because Mr. Looking Busy frequent flyer miles exceed his! He brings nothing back from his trips but an attitude; a superior one at that! So don’t be fooled with his looking busy routine. It’s his cameo office appearance. Rather, be on guard because while it appears that he is looking busy, he is really busy looking at you so that he can tell the paranoid boss that you can’t be trusted. Oh what a tangled web he weaves! He’ll rob you blind and attempt to steal your dignity while simultaneously grabbing your hand for a word of prayer! What a transparent hypocritical “busy looking guy” that without looking hard, you can see right through him!
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